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After millenia spent creating the Cosmos, We sent the Eternal Son, Jesus Christ Michael Melchizedek Archangel Elohim to save mankind from its sins. Now We have sent Saint YHWH Michael Jesus Metatron Archangel Elohim to rule the Earth as Her Emperor and provide worldwide peace and abundance for all who believe in God no matter what they call Us and to prevent World War III with the help of the saintly secret society known as the Illuminati or the "enlightened." St. Michael Jesus Christ Archangel has written more Holy Bibles including Holy Bible II at its link on this website for the purpose of evangelizing the world.


Our Approach

Our services, besides our products available to evangelists at wholesale prices, include prayer with our prayer/partner/warriors analysis, and religious and spiritual consulting. We make ourselves available to all people of all religiions to promote inter-religious dialogue and prevent religious wars and terrorism and extremism. 


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consulting, spiritual books, cosmic cash, pro-life


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United Domains Of Heaven

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